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Where Is Arnold Contreras After Gabriel Fernandez’s Trials?

Everyone was stunned by Gabriel Fernandez’s death because of the horrific abuse the little kid had endured. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, a new Netflix documentary series, sheds light on the event and the structural flaws that enabled the torture to continue until the eight-year-untimely old’s death.

The crimes committed by Pearl Fernandez and her lover, Isauro Aguirre, are the focus of the program. Isauro is not, however, Gabriel’s biological father. His father’s name is Arnold Contreras. Although Contreras did play a significant part in the trial that followed Gabriel’s death, you may be curious as to where he is right now. We’ve got you covered there, too.

Arnold Contreras: Who Is He?

During Isauro’s sentencing hearing, Arnold Contreras testified. The father, who was often referred to as Arnaldo Jose Contreras, talked lovingly about his dead son, stating that Pearl disliked the kid and that it had been agreed that Gabriel would reside with his maternal grandparents.

Contreras was spending time at the Riverside County Prison when Gabriel passed away in 2013. In addition, Arnold was one of the individuals who filed a wrongful death case against the public school system, Pearl and Isauro, and three separate county agencies. Arnold said that he often had difficulties sleeping as a result of the violence of Gabriel’s murder.

Where is Arnold Contreras now and what happened to him?

Arnold Contreras seems to have tried to get his life in order. On his Facebook page, he often posts photos of Gabriel, who is always happy. It is clear that the father is still grieving over the loss of his kid. According to his profile, he resides in the Californian city of Pacoima.

Contreras’ lengthy career in law enforcement had first made him wary of the legal system when it came to seeking justice for his little son, who was murdered in May 2013.

But in 2016, after being released on parole, he got in touch with Hatami, and the two of them were able to connect.

In his testimony, Contreras described his little son as a “normal child” who liked to play “cops and robbers” games.

According to KABC, he said at the time that “he was always grinning.”

According to local station KNBC, he admitted to the jury throughout the trial that he continues to have restless nights and is grieving over Gabriel’s death.

During his testimony, Contreras never gave Aguirre a direct glance in the eye.

In the documentary series, Hatami commented, “I don’t believe I’d be as strong as him.” In that courtroom, “I wouldn’t have been able to sit.” I couldn’t because I would assault someone if I did.

After Aguirre was found guilty of murder and torture in 2018, Hatami ran onto Contreras in the courtroom, and the two men hugged as Hatami wailed.

Arnold Contreras

Hatami said, “I was genuinely pleased for Arnold,” in the documentary series. He was so upset at what had happened to Gabriel that it was contagious. He felt awful and lost faith in the system not just as a result of what had happened to Gabriel but also as a result of all that had occurred to him. And a lot of people who have been detained haven’t received favorable treatment from the system, you know.

Hatami said that he keeps in touch with Contreras and Gabriel’s cousins, uncles, and other family members.

According to his profile, Arnold seems to be employed by a tattoo and piercing parlor. His profile has a lot of pictures of potential discounts. Some of the images prominently emphasize his artwork. But it’s important to note that Arnold doesn’t seem to have used Facebook since 2020. His Instagram page was linked from his account, which seems to have similarly been deleted.

Arnold does have a Pinterest page, which once again shows off his skills as a tattoo artist. Arnold doesn’t seem to have changed his profile recently, however, since his account is connected to Google+, which was discontinued in April 2019.

Where is he now, then? We have the most recent information on Arnold’s whereabouts, even if we don’t know where he is right now or how he is doing. Arnold seems to be encountering the legal system and the jail system more often.

On February 11, 2019, he was taken into custody for a nonviolent crime in Calipatria State Prison. He has been eligible for parole since June of this year.

Arnold seems to be leading a difficult life, as he has in the past, which includes stints in jail. However, as a parent who is battling to accept the loss of his kid, one’s heart goes out to him.

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