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Ranboo Height And Net Worth, Career | Did He Reveal His Face?

American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media star Ranboo, aka RanbooLive. His Twitch channel is especially popular due to his live broadcasts of the video game Minecraft. In all, his Twitch feeds have more than three million viewers.

His social media following is massive; he has more than 10 million people who follow him across all platforms. Read on to discover more about his background, including his parents, siblings, nationality, and ethnicity, as well as his height, age, face reveal, wiki, true name, bio, net worth, girlfriend, weight, and more.

What Ranboo Was Like When He Was Young

Ranboo was born in the United States to parents of American ancestry on December 27, 2003. It is said that Johnathan Schalatt is his birth name and that Capricorn is his astrological sign. He got his graduation from a private high school right there in his hometown.

He has not continued his studies by attending a university. It’s quite unlikely that he’ll give up his flourishing social media profession in favor of further education.

He has an intricate racial history despite having been born in the United States. However, he has been silent about his family background, therefore we don’t know anything about his parents or his siblings. However, he’s tweeted about his loved ones before. Due to his lack of marital history, he is now classified as a single person.

What is Ranboo’s Age, Height, and Location?

On November 2, 2003, in the United States, Ranboo was born. She is now eighteen years old. His height is 1.98 meters (6 feet, 6 inches).

Can you tell me where Ranboo resides?

Ranboo relocated to Brighton, England, in March 2022. After he tweeted a photo of the Twitch offices in San Francisco, one of his now-former major Discord administrators and Twitch moderators revealed that he had previously lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. He finished high school on June 3, 2021.

How did he start off in his career?

Ranboo has just recently started posting videos, yet despite this, he has already garnered a sizeable following among Minecraft players. He began his professional career on September 11, 2020, by starting a Twitch channel. He has a lot of other games on his channel, like Minecraft, Super Mario Party, UNO, and others.

He has, nevertheless, become well-known in the important community for live-streaming Minecraft with his friends. Because his broadcasts are so entertaining, he has garnered a sizable following in a short period of time. He has around 4.4 million overall followers and 23,000 active subscribers as of recent months.

A Twitch broadcaster often has a YouTube channel as well. In a similar vein, he also runs a YouTube channel. To be fair, he began streaming on YouTube in January 2020, a full month before he began streaming on Twitch. He mostly kept reels of his favorite Twitch broadcasters on his blog. He has, however, recently started creating original content, such as vlogs.


What Made Ranboo So Well-Known?

Ranboo became well-known via his TikTok postings, and as a result, he was able to get 200 YouTube subscribers on his first day of video creation. On September 25, only a few days after he began broadcasting, Punz, another American YouTuber who focuses on gaming, raided him. After Punz’s raid, Ranboo’s popularity increased even more, and over time he was able to communicate with other well-known Minecraft broadcasters like Eret and Nihachu.

Here Is The Instagram profile Link Of Ranboo: Click here

Ranboo Wealth

The total wealth of Ranboo is $3 million (estimated). Through Twitch, merchandise, and other means, he generates the majority of his income. His films have millions of views, but he seldom uploads, thus he only sometimes earns a few thousand bucks.

Has He Revealed His Face?

The Ranboo Face Reveal is something that I believe most people are interested in. He produces material where his whole body is shown, but he always wears a mask over his face. Face masks were used frequently throughout the epidemic, and some individuals have continued to do so because they are fashionable.

Ranboo, on the other hand, has made the decision to hide his identity by using masks whenever he enters the public eye.

He has appeared in other YouTube celebrities’ videos as a result of his recent rise to prominence. He’s still covered up in those videos. Only his closest friends and family are believed to have seen him in his original form. Privacy concerns are one reason why he constantly looks to be hiding his face, although he has never explicitly stated this.

Interesting Information About Him

  • He adores traveling, and he has visited many foreign countries, including England.
  • His partnership produced Youtooz as well as his own plushie collection.
  • Ranboo’s Corner, the name of his Discord server, has more than 403,000 members.
  • On his body, there are no tattoos.
  • His broadcasts are available almost every day on Twitch.
  • At, you may contact him.
  • He has more than 2.9 million followers on Twitter and has published more than 4.4 thousand tweets.
  • His Instagram account, where he publishes pictures that he has taken, has over two million followers.


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